August 21, 2012


 So what are YOU grateful for? Seriously...what are you grateful for?

Write it down. 5 things.

Go. Now. Yes...right now.

Be like Nike...Just do it! I'll still be here when you're finished.

That wasn't so bad, right? now...what do you want to accomplish today?
This week? This month? This year?

Write it down. more time. Pick up that pen again and write it down.

5 things.

They can be as simple as cleaning out the bedroom closet or
a little more adventurous like starting that new business you always dreamed about.

Be very specific with what you want.
Choose your words carefully. Don't be vague.

Ahh...Good boy! Good girl!

Now...list 5 positive attributes about yourself.

Stop rolling your eyes.

You probably have more but we're taking baby steps here. Just 5 things.

Do people think you have a nice smile? Then write that down.
I have a nice smile...I make people laugh...I offer great advice.
Whatever. Just don't let those inner demons come out.

We all have something positive to share with the world.

Good. Now...take that list and go stand in front of a mirror.

Look at yourself.

Really look into your eyes.

Say all those things out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror.

Seriously. Just do it. Say it loud and say it proud.
And if you dare...embrace the similar amount of fortitude that Jessica did.

Our voice has so much power. So often we think about a lot of things but don't shout it out into the universe. Either because we think it's silly or subconsciously think we are not deserving of whatever it is we want to bring into our lives.

Well, I don't know about you, but I want to feel deserving...I want to be in my power to achieve great things. Don't you?

I remember doing a similar exercise for the first time, many moons ago. It sounded fairly easy but as I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt so silly and so self conscious. But I did it anyway. And I did it everyday. Ok...well maybe a missed a day here and there. But it got easier each day. It really was changing my energy.

I was creating the life I wanted. And when I stopped doing it? My life just didn't seem as powerful. Negative thoughts slowly started creeping in...invading my space again. Well who needs that?

When we voice what we want, what we are grateful for and what we appreciate in ourselves, we become powerful individuals taking charge of the life we have always wanted to create. Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts have energy. So why not give our thoughts powerful energy to help us move forward in the direction we have always wanted?

It's so easy. Takes only a few minutes. Just a little motivation. Turn it into a morning habit with that cup of coffee. Do it in the car while you're sitting at a red light. Who cares if the person in the car next to you is staring. He's probably picking his nose anyway.

Pull that mirror down from your visor, look at yourself and say those positive words. Say those affirmations that will give you a better life. A better spirit. A better attitude.

One affirmation I really like to use is:
Everything that can go right, will go right.
Expect miracles!

Step out of that box...that fear...that status quo. Ugh... so boring! Just dare to do it. Success doesn't happen over night, contrary to popular belief. It takes a lot of work.

Anything worth it in life takes work...takes passion. And where there is passion...there really is no "work". I have always loved the saying "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life."

I LOVE my chosen career path. But that doesn't mean I haven't put in countless hours of blood, sweat and tears to achieve the goals I already have and am still trying to achieve. To others it may seem like work. That it's too hard. But to is my passion that motivates me to get up in the morning.

Times are rough out there for everyone. You can decide to see the glass half full instead of half empty. Recite your affirmations daily and be grateful everyday for the things you DO have. No matter how small.

I needed a shift in my life. So for the past month, every morning (almost), I have been standing in front of a mirror and reciting my affirmations out loud. It's truly incredible how quickly wonderful things started coming into my life.

This blog was born shortly after I started the process. People I hadn't heard from in a long time were calling with great opportunities and perfectly timed words of advice and inspiration. And if I stopped for a day or two...I felt the shift in energy. The flow just wasn't there anymore. Not much fun. So I forced myself to begin again...and again...and again.

I know amazing things will start to enter your realm today because you have made a choice to make it happen. And what a great day to start! On the summer solstice!

Even little Jessica is on the band wagon...and she's like only 5 or something in that youtube video. Boy, I'd really love to know if she kept up with those affirmations and where she is today.

Thank you little Jessica...wherever you are!